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Possible rewards: 60 (95.2%), 3000 (3.1%), 6000 (0.6%), 9000 (0.9%) satoshi

Referral commission: 20% Reflink:


The translation of faucet is faucet. This type of sites distributed different amounts of bitcoins among its users to publicize this currency among the people. They are not big amount, change are few cents, but if the bitcoin can increase in value indefinitely tomorrow we can have much value in bitcoin. can use this page each time to get different amounts of bitcoins. It is not necessary to fill out captchas. The sweepstakes consists of a random number from 0 up to 10,000 that we will be on display, and depending on in that range is will play us a few bitcoins or others. The big prize is the number 10,000 with which at the moment we can get something more than half bitcoin (150-250 euros). The minimum is 500 satoshis!.

With the referral program, we can get a bonus extra calculated on 50% of the income of persons who invite. Banners are included and one runs Auto-share with which we can share our revenue with our own guests. It is possible to set the percentage share, and which will be paid every week, together with the payments. You have 3 options to distribute this percentage; equally between all concerned, based on the total activity of each referral or based on the activity of each of them from the last payment.